How to get rid of a Facebook icon on your phone

Facebook has launched a new feature that lets you remove an icon from your phone icon pack.

The Facebook icon pack has a list of more than 1,000 icons that users can add to their phones.

The company has included the icon pack in the app, which lets users download and install new icons.

The app also includes an icon search that will help you find the icon that best suits your phone.

If you need help installing an icon, you can visit the Facebook icon page, which is an open-source repository of all the icons in the Facebook app.

If you want to find a specific icon, open the app’s search bar, type in the name of the icon, and hit enter.

If you have installed an app before, you will have to update it to work with the new icon search.

If there is no icon in the list of icons, tap the icon you want and then tap “Install” to get the icon.

How to remove Facebook’s icon on iPhoneYou can remove an image from an app by visiting the app icon page.

Tap on the image you want from the app icons list.

The icon should show up.

If the icon isn’t on the list, tap on it to see how to find the next icon to install.