How to get rid of the Curse of the Happy Anniversary

Happy birthday, you old man.

Happy birthday to you too.

Happy Birthday to you, you young man.

Congratulations, and thank you, my friend.

And now I ask you to make it a little more bearable.

So, I am going to take a look at the five things that will cause you to smile on this date, but I don’t want to hurt your feelings, so if you get really upset, you can keep reading.

And please understand that if I’m making a statement about you, then I will use any kind of language that would offend you.

You are my first cousin, my father, my uncle, my grandpa.

You’ve always been my first, my last, my only friend.

So if you are upset, please take it in good stride.

Now, I know you don’t like my birthday.

You don’t know how it happened, but this is my birthday, so I’m not going to be surprised if you’re really unhappy with it.

Now I’m going to tell you a little bit about the curse.

It’s a curse that you can put on your birthday.

And if you don, it’ll make you smile, because you’ve got the same birthday every year, and you’ll get the same special treats every year.

And I have to say, it was a really tough birthday, and I mean that literally.

You can’t tell me that it wasn’t a lot of fun.

I can tell you that you are probably going to enjoy it more this year.

Now the curse is a little different.

It actually came out of a place that we have in our family, in our DNA, and that’s the curse of the young man’s life.

And it is a curse of our young man, and it comes from the young woman’s life, and we’re talking about the young women.

It comes from when they marry a man who’s not their first cousin.

And the reason that we know about this curse is because we’re married to the young men.

And this young man is the man that is going to become our father.

And, of course, he’s going to have the same day every year that we all do.

We all get to celebrate his birthday with him.

But he’s also going to get the blessings that come with being the father of our grandchildren.

And so this curse comes from his young woman, who was the first woman born in this land.

And when she died, he had to marry the man from the other side of the river.

So it came from the first day of her life.

So the young person that he married, his wife was the daughter of a rich man, who had a son and a daughter.

So when he married that man, she was the mother of a second child.

And his first child was born, and he had a grandson, and they lived in the same village.

And he had another grandson, a son, and so on.

So he had three children.

So then he had this other son, his second son, so he had four children.

And one of his children was a boy, and his third son was a girl, and the fourth child was a child of a woman, and she was his fourth daughter.

And that’s how his curse started.

And there’s this other curse that comes from my mother’s life as well.

And you see, the curse comes out of the same place that you inherited it.

So she inherited the curse from her father.

Now when she married him, he was a rich, famous man.

And she was a very poor woman.

And as she got older, she began to get very sick, and her health became more and more critical.

And her son had to come to her and be her protector, and this young woman came to her, and protected her from a terrible disease.

And they had a child together.

And my mother died.

And at the age of fifty, her health started to deteriorate even more.

And we all know what happened to her when she passed away.

And suddenly she died.

So her curse is coming from her.

Now she’s gone.

And what happens is that the curse goes out, and my mother goes back into the curse, and now I’m her next curse.

And of course my mother is the youngest child of the curse; she’s the oldest.

And for this reason, she’s my curse.

So I have this curse.

Now this curse that I have comes from her daughter.

This is my daughter.

She is the second oldest of the curses.

And like my mother, she also has the curse that she inherited from her mother.

So there’s another curse that goes out when my daughter dies.

This curse goes to her.

And just like my father and my uncle and my grandparent, my grandfather and my grandmother, they also have this second curse. They