Curse Food: 5-year-old boy eats cursed food

Posted March 14, 2019 07:50:37 A 5-month-old girl ate a curse food that had been given to her by her parents after she started getting bad headaches and fever, her mother says.

The girl has since recovered, and is being treated for the headache.

“My daughter has been very sick since Christmas,” Michelle Suter, a nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital in New York, told ABC News.

“[Her parents] came in and asked us to make some food for her and they told us to put some curse food in the freezer.

They said it was just for Christmas.

She ate it, she drank it, and now she’s better.”

Suter said the girl had gotten a bad headache after eating the cursed food that her parents gave her, but it didn’t hurt her or the girl’s health.

She said the food had been put in a special freezer with a seal to prevent any mold growth.

“The curse food was supposed to be used in the winter,” she said.

“And when it got cold, she was sick, so she had to take a break and eat the food.

And then when she got better, she ate it again.”

The girl, who is named Nia, is in good health, and her parents were upset by the bad news, Suter said.

The girl’s mother told ABC that she had eaten the cursed meal three or four times before the headache started, and she didn’t feel any sickness afterward.

The parents took her to the hospital for evaluation, but the health records didn’t show any problems with her.

Suter says she plans to seek medical treatment for her daughter.

ABC News’ David Lassiter contributed to this report.