‘We want to get it right’: Rohan Rajendra, Rohan’s parents, speak to reporters at the press conference

Summer has officially begun in the world of basketball, with the first official games of the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup taking place in Shanghai, China, this coming Saturday.

The games, which are being held as part of the Asian Basketball Association’s (ABA) first-ever Olympic qualification process, are expected to draw an estimated 50 million viewers on the major network, and a total of more than 300 million viewers will be able to watch online.

While it has been nearly a year since the last official basketball game in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) (AFFC) tournament, the world will be watching for the first time this weekend when India and China play in the opening game of the tournament.

The game will be the second of the two games between the two nations in Shanghai.

In addition to the official opening game, the other three games will be played in the Shanghai venues of Shanghai National Stadium and Shanghai Sports Complex.

While the two sides are set to start the tournament on Saturday, the matches will take place on the second day of the first day of practice.

This year’s event is the first major basketball tournament that India has participated in.

India had qualified for the tournament in the 2017 World Cup in Russia, and the team is expected to make a strong run at the tournament as it is currently the only team to qualify for the finals of the World Cup.

The team is ranked second in the tournament, with a 7-1 record and two wins.

India has won the last two games against China, losing to them in the semi-finals.

This will be India’s third consecutive appearance in the finals, and their first time competing at the finals since 2012.

The Indian team has been playing well recently and is currently sitting in a commanding position over the rest of the world, having won the Asian Cup, the World Under-17 Championship and the Asian Under-19 Championship.

India has also been able to compete in the 2018 European Under-20 Championship and 2017 Asian Under/Under-19 Championships, winning gold medals in each event.

India also reached the quarterfinals of the 2018 World Cup, and was runner-up to South Korea.

The Indians also won the 2018 Women’s Under-18 Championship, finishing second to South Korean teams in their quarter-final clash.

The India team is also one of the strongest in Asia, with India winning three of the last four tournaments and having made it to the quarter-finals of three tournaments.

India, however, has not yet qualified for this year’s World Cup and is still in the process of finalizing its squad.

The Indian team is still without its captain Keshav Maharaj, who is yet to be called up to the squad.

India will also be looking to its younger players to make an impact in the upcoming games.

The national team is yet another of the best teams in the AFC, having been ranked third in the standings, with two titles and a top-five ranking in the latest FIFA rankings.

This is also the same team that won the 2014 Asian Cup.

The two teams have played every year since 1998 and have played the most games in the history of the game.

This has allowed India to qualify to the semifinals of the Olympics in every of the three years.

The two teams are currently in a three-way tie for the title of having the most World Cup appearances in history.