Why are Fox News anchors and commentators so obsessed with the ‘war on Christmas’? [VIDEO] [rss]

title The war on Christmas: The war to destroy Christmas?

[VIDEO | Fox News] article source Foxnews.com title Fox News: Trump has called it a war on Christians article FoxNews.com article Fox News hosts are obsessed with a war against Christmas, and even their guests are calling for the government to get involved in a war with the holiday.

In the latest clip from the Fox News Sunday show, host Chris Wallace is joined by two guests to discuss the war on Christianity.

The hosts have even made sure to mention the “war on Christians” several times, in a discussion about the War on Christmas.

The two guests also discussed how to respond to the attacks on Christians, which are believed to be a result of the government’s anti-Christian campaign.

“The war on Christ,” Wallace said.

“I mean, they’re going after the American flag.

They’re going to destroy it.

And they’re gonna go after the Christmas tree.

They are going to go after everything, including the Christmas carols.

And then they’re not going to get a fair shake in the courts because we’re a Christian nation.

And the courts are going after us, and the courts aren’t going to be fair to us, either.”

Wallace continued, “And this is the same government that wants to keep its power over our country.”

Wallack then took a shot at the President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly attacked Christians for their faith and said the nation needs to “get back to being the nation that we were before.”

“The president is in a very dangerous position.

And I’m sure he has not taken this seriously,” Wallace added.

“This is a very, very dangerous situation.”

“But I know there are people out there who think that he’s not serious, and they think he’s being a little bit tough on the Christians.

And we need to make sure that we are not going back to the country we were in before the election,” Wallace continued.”

I know there’s people out here who want to make this a war between Christians and Muslims,” Wallace went on.

“But this is a war that we’ve been in since the beginning of time, and it is time for the courts to come in and put a stop to it.”

Wallacy then asked if he believes there is a conflict between Christians, Muslims, Jews, and anyone else who opposes the war.

“Well, the truth is, the majority of people, if you look at the polls, are against this war, and I think the majority would support it if we got back to how it was before,” he replied.

Wallace also said that Trump has made a lot of “tough talk” about the war against Christianity, even referring to the war as a “war of God.”

Wallish then asked a question that would be difficult to hear on a Sunday morning.

“Is this the War On Christmas?”

Wallace asked.

“No, it’s the War Against Christmas,” the Fox host said.

Wallack said he believes the war is “being waged against Christians because they are a religious people.”

“You can call it a holy war, or you can call this the war of God,” he said.

“But if you’re a religious person, and you’re defending your faith, it is a great battle,” Wallace concluded.

Watch the clip below: