Google is back with a new image-recognition feature for the USA flag

The company unveiled the new image recognition technology Monday at its annual developer conference.

The new feature, dubbed Google Reverse Image, will let users quickly identify images on a webpage or an application without having to click through to them.

The technology works by comparing images to a database of millions of other images that the company has created to help people identify items like food or people.

“Google Reverse Image uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect patterns in images,” Google said in a statement.

“When these patterns are recognized, they can be displayed with a thumbnail.”

Google says the feature works with both the popular Google Maps and the Google Now app.

It’s not clear when the feature will be available in the US, but it will be added to Google Maps in the coming months.

Google Reverse image is one of several new features coming to the Google Play store for Android.

The company said that it has also rolled out several new Android-based apps in the last few months, including a weather app, a shopping app and a calendar app.

The Google Play Store now offers more than 1,000 apps, with many of them focused on video games.

Google said that its new Android apps will have features that “provide the same features of native apps on Android,” such as offline features.

The search giant also said it is working with Facebook to allow users to share photos and videos that they take of their homes and pets on its platform.

Google also announced that it will open a new Google Play app in 2018.

“We’ve opened up a new way to get our content on the web,” CEO Sundar Pichai said in the announcement.

“The app is built for the web, not the app store.”