Google’s Photos team ‘unable to keep pace’ with Apple’s Photos

Google’s photo manager and the photo manager team that oversees Google Photos have been unable to keep up with Apple Photos, according to multiple sources.

In a tweet from the company’s official account, a senior software engineer said that the team was unable to “make progress” and was “unable and unwilling to make progress”.

Google has been trying to develop a more powerful Photos competitor that will rival Apple’s iCloud Photo Library.

The company has also been developing a version of its Photos app for Windows, macOS and Linux, but these apps are not yet available for Android devices.

In its announcement of the Photos app, Google announced that it would “revisit our approach to Photos for Windows” and “reinvent the experience”.

Google previously made the move to create its own Photos app back in 2010, which Google’s former chief architect for Android, Matt Cutts, told TechCrunch in 2010 was “a major departure from Apple’s approach to photos”.

Google’s Photos app has been one of the few Android devices to support offline images, but the company has said it will not support offline photos on other Android devices until at least next year.

The Photos app is designed to be used as a photo gallery, where users can upload their photos to share with others, or to show to others in a gallery.

The app also has an “always on” feature, where the app is always showing a “Live Photo” view that shows photos in a chronological order.