Puppy photos: I could be pregnant with puppies

The Internet was shocked to discover a picture of an adorable little pup, who looked to be pregnant, and it was all over social media.

The puppy, whose name is Missy, was taken to the vet and has been diagnosed with COTS, or cerebral palsy.

Her mom, Brittany, said the pup’s story is “pretty touching” and “truly inspirational.”

She also says the pictures were taken at a pet park.

Brittany and Missy were adopted by Brittany’s dad, Jason, who has cerebral palsis.

The photos have since gone viral.

“We thought we were going to get a dog and this puppy came out the other side,” Brittany said.

Brittany says her pup has been in the care of the Petco PetSmart store in North Carolina since May, and she said she hopes the pictures will make the family more visible.

“She’s been doing really well.

I can’t believe the response that we’ve gotten,” she said.

We’ve done this for five years now. “

It’s really exciting that people are supporting us, and we’re very grateful.

And it’s just been a crazy journey.”