Video: A heartwarming moment from a busy Christmas Eve

A heart-warming moment in the midst of Christmas Eve was captured by the camera of a young couple in their backyard in southern Australia.

It’s a clip of a little girl in a bright pink dress walking across the street in front of her mother as she waves to the crowds around.

But the moment is not a traditional one, it’s an old-fashioned one.

The girl, who didn’t want to be named, told ABC News the video was captured in her backyard at the beginning of the week by her brother.

“I didn’t know this was going to be happening,” the girl said.

We didn’t expect it to happen on Christmas Day.” “

It was just a normal morning.

We didn’t expect it to happen on Christmas Day.”

The little girl’s family have told ABC Radio Perth the video is of her brother and not of the woman who filmed it.

“We’re very happy that this video is on YouTube, and the footage is being used to help promote breastfeeding in Australia,” the family said in a statement.

“It was a very spontaneous moment that was captured and shared online.”

While some of the comments on the video are positive, others say the girl’s video is disrespectful.

“What the video shows is a young child with a big smile on her face, a smile that’s not there,” one commenter wrote.

“She’s obviously breastfeeding and doing all she can to help her mum.

However, the girl and her family are not the only ones who took to social media to share their own experiences.”

That’s not the type of behaviour that should be encouraged or encouraged in the community.”

However, the girl and her family are not the only ones who took to social media to share their own experiences.

A local ABC station, the ABC Local, was also contacted by one of the mother and daughter’s local breastfeeding support groups.

The mother said the family had been through a number of challenges since they started the campaign, including not being able to keep the girl as a foster.

“To be honest, we have had a lot of support from local breastfeeding groups, who have offered to keep our baby, to be her mum, to give her the love and attention she needs,” she said.

However the mother said she had had to confront some of those groups about the content of the video.

“Some people in these groups have really said it’s inappropriate,” she explained.

“They’re saying, ‘Why would you want to see that?'”

She said the video did not make her feel like she was being criticised, but the messages she was receiving were hurtful.

“You’re being very judgmental about your family, your own life, and you’re making me feel like I’m a bad mother,” she added.

“These people are doing all they can to hurt my child and that’s just not OK.”

‘I felt a bit scared’While the video may not have been a traditional Christmas Eve greeting, the mother of the little girl said she felt a lot more comfortable with it.

The mother said it was not something that she had ever experienced before, and that the video could have been taken a week earlier.

“For me, it felt a little bit scary, because it’s a big event, but we’ve been very lucky,” she told the ABC.

ABC News: Video: Baby wearing pink dress walks across street in Christmas Eve clip