I’m a dragon! I’m in a photo, I’m alive!

In a new video from Imago dello Sport, Italy’s reigning champions show off their new Dragon ImageTM (dinosaur) tattooed on their forearm, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Dragon Image is an image of a dragon, which the Italian team refers to as the “best tattoo in the world.”

The image, which is on the forearm of the Italian champion, is actually a drawing of the creature.

It was made using a laser scanning technique that mimics the process of creating dragon tattoos.

According to Imago, the tattoo is so strong, the team’s CEO, Piero Bertolucci, even created a titanium version for the team.

“The Dragon image is the most advanced tattoo in existence.

It is stronger than a real tattoo, because it has been created using the most precise techniques,” Bertolucci told The Next.

“The image is made of titanium, which has a very strong mechanical property.

The image is more durable than the tattoo itself, because the titanium is also very strong.”

Bertolucci is not the only one who’s impressed with the dragon image.

He also praised the technology behind the tattoo.

“It is very strong, because of the titanium, it is almost a mechanical structure,” he told TheNext.

“In the future, the dragon tattoo could be a replacement for a real tattoos, so the technology would allow you to have a real life tattoo, so you don’t need to take the real tattoos away from you.”

And, if you want to show your love, you can do it on a picture.

The real tattoo is not important anymore.

So the tattoo would be an integral part of your life.

“The team’s next event will be in the coming days, where they will have a tattoo on their chest.